Pink Dildo Fun

Posted on: 2007-09-20 09:12

This fine gallery begins with a shot of the Asian babe with her legs spread wide and her arms tied to the bed posts. She couldn’t move if she wanted to, but it’s not clear if she’s eager to get free or if she wants these guys to make her orgasm. Whatever her desires the important thing is that she ends up cumming and we get to watch as she does.

There’s a guy on either side of her and they’re both taking part in the fun. One is holding a small pink vibrator that he’s using to stimulate her clit. The other is basically observing and occasionally rubbing her legs or tits. Her pussy is shaved and it looks quite inviting. The guys make sure to spread her lips every so often so we can peak inside at the pink flesh. It’s really bright pink and it looks tasty.


Bound And Delightfully Exposed
Spread Eagled And Forced To Orgasm
Shaved And Vibrated
Vibrating Toy Makes Bound Girl Shudder
Shy Asian Babe Stimulated Till Orgasm
Tied and Pleasured
Immobile Oriental Girl Forced To Cum
Pink Vibrator
Please Violate My Pussy
Shaved Babe Forced Into Pleasure
Untitled Document