Slippery Wet Pussy

Posted on: 2007-09-24 01:02

When we first see this lovely Asian babe her hands and legs are both spread wide thanks to the ropes that bind her wrists and ankles. She’s not going anywhere, which means her captors are free to do whatever they please with her body. They choose to coherse her into an orgasm and to do so they use a small pink vibrator that packs some serious punch.

The pleasure of this gallery is in watching the girl’s wet pussy get even wetter as they work on her. I also loved it when they spread her lips wide and had the camera zoom in for a close up on her snatch. That’s the kind of hot stuff any man would be into. They use the shaft of the dildo to split her lips and just let it rest against her clit, warming her pussy and sending her hurtling towards the inevitable climax.


Bound And Delightfully Exposed
Spread Eagled And Forced To Orgasm
Shaved And Vibrated
Vibrating Toy Makes Bound Girl Shudder
Shy Asian Babe Stimulated Till Orgasm
Tied and Pleasured
Immobile Oriental Girl Forced To Cum
Pink Vibrator
Please Violate My Pussy
Shaved Babe Forced Into Pleasure
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