Please Violate My Pussy

Posted on: 2007-04-06 03:02

While walking to her car in the parking garage this sexy Asian babe was pulled into a van and blindfolded. She was brought to the bedroom you see in these images with the intention of cohersing an orgasm out of her always dry pussy. Her hands and feet have been tied to the bed posts and she has no choice but to submit to the pleasure that's being cohersed on her. Her clothes have been removed and her gorgeous body is in view. Her breasts are truly magnificent; I can see why they chose her.

With her legs spread wide open her captor holds a small vibrator against her pussy and waits for the body's response. Her hips begin to sway from side to side and every so often her pelvis thrusts into the air. Moans of pleasure begin to escape her mouth as the vibrator does its job. Eventually an orgasm comes pouring forth from her body. Mission accomplished.


Bound And Delightfully Exposed
Spread Eagled And Forced To Orgasm
Shaved And Vibrated
Vibrating Toy Makes Bound Girl Shudder
Shy Asian Babe Stimulated Till Orgasm
Tied and Pleasured
Immobile Oriental Girl Forced To Cum
Pink Vibrator
Please Violate My Pussy
Shaved Babe Forced Into Pleasure
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