Tag Team Captors Strike Again

Posted on: 2008-10-01 00:00

This lean Asian babe is naked and tied tightly to a chair. Her captors were armed with a blue vibrating toy that they gradually start to work on her petite pussy. At first, she is obviously was not enjoying her situation and was reluctant to be on his control. But these subjugators continue to work her clit and apply some spit to her pussy so the vibrator will glide across her clit.

It's not long before her adverse look turn into multiple eye rolling as the vibrating toy starts having the effect on her. As she becomes more and more turned on, it was obvious that her clit was becoming swollen as it expands to the stimulation. Seeing her tight shaven pussy in this way made her captors smile. After nearly a couple of stimulation she can't hold her orgasm any longer as moans and moans releasing her pent up orgasm!


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