Oriental Girl Answers To A Fake Ad Job

Posted on: 2008-10-05 00:00

This poor girl answers an ad for a nanny job. She comes to the door and her supposedly employer answers. He tells her that his wife and their sons were not home but to look at the house to see where she will be working. She begins to ask questions about her duties that he posted on the ad but he doesn't seem to know much about his own ad. She begins to get suspicious and that's when he grabs and chokes her out. Her captor let her know that he has no or a wife and kids and that he was going to have some fun with her.

The sadistic guy manhandles little victim as he ties her up. He stripped off her clothing exposing her naked body. He fondles her breast deeply before exploring other parts of her body and her most intimate sexual regions but she refuses to give into the shuddering that she was feeling. He continues to have her way with her by groping and caressing her. She begins to moan loud and she keeps on twisting her self involuntarily. In the last section of the gallery, he brought out the huge vibrator that eventually sends shivering waves in her body that had this poor chic in ecstasy.


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